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  Super Folate/Folinic Acid (5MTHF)

60 Vegie Caps
Price: $12.00


This form of folic acid, mehtyltetrahydrofolate, is the most bioavailable, containing the methyl donors that help it to be used in the body's metabolic processes. Most individuals within the autism spectrum are deficient in B-12. Folic acid is a precusor to B-12 and can also be used in many of the metabolic processes required by B-12. Folic acid is also recommended in pregnancy to prevent birth defects.
This form of folic acid has been very helpful to my family, who are all B -12 deficient and receive B-12 injections. My daughter reports that she feels much more energetic if she takes methyltetrahydrofolate in addition to the injections.