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  Reading Upgrade Online Course

Price: $49.00


Ages 8 - Adult
Skills Complete reading on-line internet based course - 6 month subscription.
Requires reasonably fast internet connedction. 
Windows Macintosh
Ordering When you order, include in a separate  email, the student's full name, a user name you would like to use (such as the child's first and last name) and a password.  After ordering this course, a few days later, you will receive an email acknowledging that you are signed up.  All the child has to do is go to the web site, log on and enter their user name and password to start the first lesson.  If you wish to order a site license for a school, please contact Autism Coach
Reading Upgrade improved the reading levels of struggling readers by 1 to 3 grade levels in just 8 weeks within a community center in an inner-city neighborhood in Los Angeles!  Not only is this course highly effective, but it is also is less expensive than private tutoring and can be worked on anywhere the child has a computer and an internet connection.   
The course covers the following areas 
  • Phonics: Letter sounds, blends, digraphs, silent sounds
  • Word decoding: blending, rhyming, word families, long words, prefixes, suffixes
  • Comprehension: sentences, passages, main idea, details, compare & contrast, fact & opinion, conclusions
The rap/pop style songs and visually striking games are all highly professionally done have and a strong "cool factor" component.  The enjoyable lessons feature pop music, video, and games to make learning fun.  The lessons and types of games vary enough from level to level to motivate children to want to move on to further levels. The games are so much fun, they can be addictive, and some children will stay on for hours at a time playing to get to the next levels.  

Word decoding is a stumbling block for many children.  Children may be able to recognize a set of basic words by memorizing the way they look but have not yet have developed the ability to decode new words.  This program addresses this crucial but frequently overlooked aspect of reading and may help children to move beyond basic sight vocabulary to more advanced reading.


An on-line course you access from the internet, you can log on from any computer anywhere in the United States with a reasonably fast internet connection.  Broad-band or high speed connections would be best, but even my telephone modem connection works well.  

The music component makes it highly motivating for high functioning autistic children who frequently love and learn better with music.  The course features a research-based sequence of lessons designed to help students with learning difficulties or dyslexia, as well as English learners.  

This program works well with all children, including inner-city children and children with learning disabilities and it is being implemented this summer by many school districts around the country.  Even Spanish speaking adults who could not read in English have gone through this class and have developed English reading ability.

This is wonderful on-line course for struggling readers was designed by a multi-talented family who include whose family's credentials and talents includes programming, proffesional Hollywood musicians and song writers, and having an child in the autism spectrum.  They have also produced the wonderful Sound It Out Land CDs and Secret Writer's Society, which have best selling titles for Autism Coach for the past 4 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do the lessons and the course take?  How often should the student use the course?
A: In just 3 to 8 weeks of 30 to 60-minute sessions, the child can complete 50 lessons.  Upon completion, the child receives a certificate with his or her name.  To progress, the child should use this program at least 4 times a week, without being away from the program for long periods of time.  Children will typically  show significant improvement only if the course is used frequently and consistently.  

Q: How long can each student use the course?
A: Each course is available for as long as the student takes to finish the 50-lesson course and review.

Q: Can students use the course on different computers at school?
A: Both teachers and learners can access the course from any school computer.

Q: Does the course provide student tracking?
A: Yes, teachers can track all students from any web-connected computer and print out reports.