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  Paws Explore Money

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Ages 6-8
Skills Money recognition and counting
One of the most effective ways to teach math to young children is through money - money provides manipulatives that enable children to visualize quantities associated with abstract representation of numbers.  Needless to say learning math through counting money has practical application and can be highly motivating as well. Paws Explore Money is a title specially designed to help children practice and develop their money recognition skills, through a range of fun activities.  The cute dog and cat are also motivating!
With 3 levels of difficulty and two friendly cat and dog characters, children can practice swapping coins and notes for smaller amounts, calculating change and formatting currency. 

This title includes an extensive teacher’s section and resources for use on an interactive whiteboard.  For use away from the computer a selection of printable worksheets are provided and the software automatically records pupils’ progress.

The program can be configured to use any of the following currencies:  U.S., Canadian, Australian, British, and Euro. This program is from the U.K.

Main Menu

The Paws Explore main menu allows the player to easily access each of the six activities.  It also provides quick access to the teacher settings and white board sections.

Level Choice

Each activity features three levels of difficulty.  The level can be selected by the teacher or at the start of each session/activity.

Truck stop

This activity focuses on dividing money into smaller amounts.. An amount of money is shown and then two trucks drive onto the screen, each displaying an amount. The player must choose the truck that shows and equal amount.

Toy grabber

This activity focuses on using money to reach a given amount. The player must click the coins shown until they reach the price shown on the toy.

Grocery dash

This activity focuses on receiving change. An item is shown accompanied price. The player must choose the sign that matches how much change they would recieve if purchasing the item with the amount shown in the hand.

Pizza parlour

Players are shown a pizza and a list of toppings on a receipt. They must add up the total cost of the pizza and enter it on the receipt in the correct format.

Dish up

In this activity the player will practice converting amounts. An amount is shown in pounds (or dollars/euros) on a tin and the player must select the amount in pence (cents) that matches.

Cash quiz

Using problem solving questions, players can add, subtract and multiply amounts to calculate answers. A calculator is provided which can be turned on or off by the teacher allowing the activity to strengthen mental arthimetic or focus solely on monetary amounts.

Teacher's Section

In the teacher's section you can adjust program settings, such as the activities that are available, how many questions are asked and individual activity settings.

Level Descriptions

The level descriptions page details the requirements for each level of each activity.

Record Keeping

Extensive record keeping facilities are included that allow the teacher to track each child's progress.


The teacher can easily produce a individual certificates for presentation to the players.

System Requirements 

PC: Requires Pentium 600 processor or greater, Microsoft Windows 98, 2000 or XP, 32mb Ram, 16 bit color. 

Mac: Requires PowerPC or greater, System OSX, 32mb Ram, 16 bit color.