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  Percy's Money Box

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Designed to encourage children ages 3-6 to learn and recognize monetary values and handle money in everyday situations.  Colorful graphics, animations and spoken instructions throughout make this program ideal for children to use on their own. Percy's Money Box also allows you to choose between 5 different currencies: British Pounds, Euros, or US, Australian or Canadian dollars.

The activities include practice on recognizing different coins, encourage purchasing items using the correct coins, practice converting between differing amounts of money, giving correct change and recognizing prices in a shop, including on a shopping list.

Main Menu

The main menu screen allows easy access to each of the six games and the teacher's section.

Money Match

In this game, the player is shown a coin and must click on the set of coins that add up to the same value.

Bus Stop

The player is shown a price on the bus stop and must click on the coin that matches to pay fare and let the bus drive away.

Shopping Basket

In this game, the player must put the item with a given value into the shopping basket.


The player must help Percy to give the correct change from the checkout for the items being purchased. 

Shopping List

In this game the player must help Percy, by adding up the value of the items on the shopping list.

Jukebox Jive

The player must click on the coins to reach the price shown on the jukebox and hear a song.

Teacher's Options

The teacher's options section allows you to turn the sound on or off and gives details of how to contact technical support.