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Autism Coach Parent Surveys

We conducted two surveys of our customers asking them to share their observations and opinions in 2004 and again in 2009.  The 2004 Survey was focused primarily on what parents believed caused their children's autism.  The 2009 Survey included this question, along with additional questions including what therapies they believed were helping, when they first observed symptoms of autism, and when their child was first diagnosed.

We recommend viewing the 2004 Survey if you are looking for parents' personal accounts of their children's reactions to vaccines (typical responses being the normally developing child having a reaction during or shortly after immunization of the following:  screaming, having a seizure, spiking a fever, unusual high pitched crying followed immediately or shortly thereafter by loss of eye contact and language).  The 2009 survey also had many such accounts but we have not published them yet - we will be doing so shortly.

If you are trying to determine what therapies have been most helpful, we recommend taking a look at the Defeat Autism Now Ranking of BIomedical Protocols that is based upon a database of over 30,000 respondents.