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  My First Computer Game

Price: $29.00


Ages 3-6
Skills Computing, cognitive skills 

With simple instructions and a “wee-eye” point-of-view, Shelly the Snail leads children ages 3 to 6 through mastery of basic computer skills into the exciting interactive tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and an Activity Center filled with age-appropriate challenges sure to bring smiles and build confidence.

Shelly will help your child:

Develop and reinforce computer skills  (Open, Close, Single and Double Click, Forward and Back   Navigation, Windows Menu Interfaces, and Keyboard familiarity)

Improve early academic fundamentals (Sequencing, Letter Recognition, Critial Thiking, and More)

Increase Fine-Motor and Listening Skills



As a perfect introduction for young children getting acquainted with technology, Shelly the Snail begins with a cheerful “Hello” and then explains the different parts of a computer: the monitor, keyboard, keys, mouse, computer and CD-ROM drive.Shelly next describes how to press the left mouse button, demonstrates the difference between a single click and double click, and shows how to place the CD-ROM in the drive. 

Children then advance to the richly animated, warmly narrated story, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” It is, of course, the classic tale of Goldilocks, who, while walking in the woods, stumbles upon the home of three bears. Engaged by the storybook, children will then have opportunity to use the mouse and keyboard skills learned in the lesson to prompt fun animations and sounds on the pages of the interactive storybook. These repetitive interactions develop the fundamental skills, encouraging confidence in computer usage and independent play.

Throughout the story children practice their new skills while earning stars that can be used in the activity center. Here children can visit and independently play 7 fun, developmentally appropriate activities that reinforce these skills and help develop early reading and, memory, attention, fine motor skills, listening, creativity, letter recognition, independent play and more.

The program also teaches general navigational skills with a basic toolbar above featuring “Main Menu,” “Activity Center,” “Back,” “Next,” “Close,” and other commands.

Activities Center

Once the children have master basic keyboarding skills, they can play cognitive enhancing games in the activities center:

Word Typing - Begin to recognize letters and the placement of keys on the keyboard by typing words from Shelly’s note pad. Better hurry before time’s up!

Dot to Dot - Use your new computer skills to reveal these dot-to-dot mysteries—Shelly will think you’re amazing!

Which One is Different? - Show Shelly the Snail which ball is different. Look for missing stripes, different stars or new patterns!

Memory Game - How’s your memory? Help Shelly the Snail pack her suitcase by following the list she gives you—if you get mixed up, you can start again!

Match Game - Can you remember which card has the butterfly or the ladybug?

Jacks - Show off your skills by “bouncing” the ball and “picking up” the jacks with single clicks. But Shelly reminds you—don’t let the ball fall before the jacks are done!

Coloring Pages - What if a bear had a green head and a purple tongue? Go wild coloring pictures of Shelly the Snail’s friends any way you want!

System Requirements

• Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP, ME
• Processor: Pentium III 733 Mhz (1.5Ghz or better recommended)
• Ram: 128 MB or Ram (192 MB or better recommended)
• 8x CD-ROM
• 100 MB available hard-disk space required; (200 MB or more recommended)
• 256 color video graphics card; (High color or better recommended)
• Sound card and speakers
• Mouse and Keyboard