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  NT Factor - Lipid Building Blocks

150 grams, 120 1/4 tsp servings
Price: $70.00



NT Factor is a patent-pending blend of scientifically selected ratios of phosphatidylcholine, glycolipids, and other phosphatidyl nutrients, researched and blended to optimize uptake by cells and use in support and use by cellular membranes. Supporting cellular membranes supports neurons and can help in repair and regrowth and optimal signalling between neurons supporting the strengthening and normalization of neurological connections.*

NT Factor also works synergistically with Cod Liver oil and to help with uptake and utilization of DHA and EPA oils so that less oil is needed to derive the same benefit.*

A phospholipid is a fat with a phosphate group attached that can be found in the membranes of all cells. A cell’s outer and inner membranes are comprised of a double layer of phospholipid molecules derived from essential fatty acids and other nutrients. These lipids are both water repellant and water soluble. In the picture below individual phosophlipds are depicted in detail with the round head with tails. They form the "semi-permeable" "skin" of a cell, along with docking sites called channels that are used for inter-cellular communication/signalling and transmission of nourishment in and and proteins, products, and waste products the cell creates out.*

In nerve cells, phospholipids plays several important roles. As an essential building block of cell membranes, They enhance membrane integrity and stimulate membrane repair. They also supports the functions of several important membrane proteins that station themselves like sentries along the phospholipid wall, where they perform a variety of important functions necessary for nerve cell message transmission. For example, they process enzymatic and hormonal signals from outside the cell. They catalyze (increase the rate of) the nerve cell’s mitochondrial energy production - and many individual within the autism spectrum have mitochondrial dysfunction. They facilitate the release of neurotransmitters. And they support the functions of the proteins in the neurotransmitter receptors of dendrites. As seen in the illustration below, neurons are interconnected through their dendrites which is where synapses of one neuron receive information from the dendrite of another neuron. Phospholipids assist in neurotransmitter synthesis, release, and activity. It also serves as a reservoir of raw material for the manufacture of eicosanoid (prostaglandin) molecules, which carry hormonal messages to nearby cells.*

The mild, neutral, slightly nutty taste is generally well tolerated by individuals on the autism spectrum; it can be mixed into cool or room temperature smoothies, juices, and puddings. It is derived from non-GMO soy but contains no common soy antigens so it is generally well tolerated by individuals with soy allergies.

Recommended dose

As a dietary supplement, ¼ teaspoon two times daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. A larger dose of ½ teaspoon two times daily may be taken during an initial one to two month loading period. May be mixed with water, juice, or food.


Other ingredients: Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), pantethine, sodium borate, rosemary extract.

*The above statements have not been reviewed by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.