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Learning Made Fun

The game-style environment of Ultimate Learning will keep kids focused for hours, and because each program is divided into easy, medium and hard levels, it is an appropriate learning tool for children at all levels of language ability.  The Ultimate Learning Software Suite is a wonderful, cost-effective resource designed by a physician with a child in the autism spectrum, integrated to strengthen social, language, math and reading skills.  Concepts are taught incrementally and reinforced to help learning to become generalized.

Fun With Feelings children learn to read the state of mind of others around them — improving both their social interaction and personal well-being.  It targets:

* identification and understanding of common emotional states
* visual features of each emotion
* situational factors that produce emotions
* voice and sounds associated with emotions
* language-thinking skills
* comprehension and perception
* part/whole relationships

More information on Fun With Feelings.

Problem Solvers teaches children in a step by step process to learn asking and answering the "Wh-word" questions:  Who, What, Where, When and Why.  By teaching children how to gather information about the world around them, Problem Solvers provides them with an essential component needed for children to explore their world and learn independently.   More

Math Master is designed to overcome a specific problem in learning math: the inability to assign a quantity to a number symbol. While many children can count 5 dots, if you asked them how much is 3 plus 2, they may not understand. Math Master overcomes this problem, while reinforcing additional fundamental principles of math. More

Songs to Get Along teaches children important lessons through music and combined with words.  Frequently, children within the autism spectrum learn better when music and language are combined, involving both hemispheres of the brain that processes sound.  These songs were created by Cathy Bollinger, an award winning music therapist.  The songs teach social skills, including:

* Hello and goodbye
* Reciprocal conversation
* Eye contact and rules of conversation
* Playing with others
* Asking for help
* Helping others
* Manners
* Strategies for dealing with anger and frustration
* Being yourself and finding your own individual strengths.

Ultimate Learning Sound Readers utilizes breakthrough VoiceLink technology to help children develop sight word recognition skills that quickly builds into sentence reading.

Inferential and factual reading comprehension are also developed and communication skills are enhanced.

Combining successful language building techniques along with catchy, original songs, Ultimate Learning Sound Readers helps improve:

  • Sight word reading skills
  • Factual comprehension
  • Inferential comprehension
  • Language and communication
  • Concept generalization
  • Auditory processing
  • Visual processing
  • Social concepts

This title features songs by Cathy Bollinger, an award winning music therapist — along with being a mother of three. This acclaimed singer/songwriter contributed three original songs to make the Sound Readers experience even more special.

System Requirements

Windows® 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME or XP, Pentium Processor, VGA monitor 800 x 600 resolution, 32-bit color display, 520 MB hard drive, 128 MB RAM, sound card, MS DirectX 8 or higher.