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  Realizing the College Dream with Autism or Asperger Syndrome

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by Ann Palmer

"Interweaving personal experiences like preparing Eric for college with general information and resources results in excellent guidance for ASD students in high school or college and their parents. Of particular note are the chapters on support strategies (accommodations that can be made for the students), self-awareness/self-disclosure, and links for resources on disabilities on campus. Palmer has worked with professionals at the acclaimed Treatment and Education of Autistic and Other Communications Handicapped Children and Adults Program in North Carolina; her book makes an excellent complement to Judith Cohen's Succeeding with Autism: Hear My Voice. Strongly recommended for all academic and public libraries with ASD or education collections."
– Library Journal

"Palmer relates a humble, gracious story of squiring a high-functioning autistic son to college. ...She thoroughly addresse[s] questions of self-awareness, disclosure forms, Eric's capacities for self-help, orientation, time management and exploiting resources. There's plenty of practical information in these pages, particularly about the college classroom environment. ...A story that rings with love and support, and a drive to help Eric achieve his potential through meaningful, appropriate challenges."
– Kirkus Reviews

Owing to vast improvements in therapies and diagnosis, high schoolers with autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs) have the option of going on to college. As a case in point, Palmer shares the story of her son, Eric, who was diagnosed with ASD at age three and after many years of therapy attended college. 176 pages.