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  Autism Heroes (Different Like Me - My Book of Autism Heroes)

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by Jennifer Elder, Illustrated by Marc Thomas and Jennifer Elder 

This self-esteem boosting book for kids highlights famous people past and present who would have likely been diagnosed within the autism spectrum. Included are such famous contributors to the arts and sciences as Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Lewis Carroll and Hans Christian Anderson.  It also includes the brilliant and inspiring scientist and autism spokesperson, Temple Grandin.  There are 19 biographies in total, along with a biography of an 8-year old boy in the autism spectrum, named Quinn.  

This book can be read to children ages 8 and up and read by children ages 12 and up.  This is a wonderful book for children within the autism spectrum to read and also to share in school, to help others better understand and appreciate those among us who march to a different drummer.  

Beautifully illustrated, each person has a portrait on one page, with their biography facing the other page, including  a description of their contributions and some of their autistic traits.   

This book makes you proud to be and/or know someone within the autism spectrum.  One might even consider that the potential for genius and innovation that have led to the advancement of civilization lies primarily within those who see things a differently.  One might also consider that our society's future may depend upon to what extent we nurture, support, and help to develop the talents of  these individuals.  Hard cover, 8" x 10", 48 pages.