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Mind Reading is a unique reference work covering the entire spectrum of human emotions. Using the software you can explore over 412 emotions, seeing and hearing each one performed by six different people.  There are also mini-stories to provide contexts. There are 2472 faces, 2472 voices and 2472 stories, all about emotions.  These voices will be with an English accent and use some vocabulary and cultural references specific to the U.K. but this is an important and invaluable new resource for teaching emotions to children and adults within the autism spectrum - no autism software collection is complete without it. Mind Reading enables the user to study emotions and to learn the meanings of facial expressions and tone of voice, drawing on a comprehensive underlying audio-visual and text database.  


Emotions Library

 Here you can study 412 different emotions organized into 24 related groups. Six video clips are provided for each emotion showing close-up performances by a wide range of people (old, young, men, women, boys, girls, etc).

Six audio clips are also provided with the chosen emotion being expressed in the appropriate tone of voice. There are written definitions, synonyms, notes, a search facility and a scrapbook where you create and organize your own collections. 

Learning Center

 This area of the product is intended to help people who have difficulty recognizing emotions. It has been designed particularly with the needs of those with autism spectrum disorders and Asperger Syndrome in mind.

A variety of lessons and quizzes are provided to present emotions in a systematic way and then to test recognition. The difficulty of the lessons can be adjusted to suit a wide range of ages and ability levels.

A rich set of collectible rewards is provided to help motivate students.

Games Zone

 If you just want to have fun with emotions, then play one of the games in this section of the product. See how world famous actor Daniel Radcliffe reacts to being offered some raw squid! Visit a school, an office or a market to guess how the people there are feeling. Play a fast moving card game where you have to match the faces to win.

The games zone encourages informal learning about emotions in a less structured setting.

Additional Information

Mind Reading was developed by a team of scientists at Cambridge University led by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen. They combed the English language and found more than 1000 words that described human emotions. From this large number they eventually settled, after much testing, on 412 “emotion concepts” that they found to be distinct. This project was made possible by funding from The Shirley Foundation. It has taken 18 months to produce

The DVD consists of three areas: the Emotions Library, The Learning Center and the Games Zone. The Emotions Library is a visual dictionary of emotions; the Learning Center includes lessons and quizzes to consolidate learning and The Games Zone is a non-competitive fun way to practice the learning.

Mind Reading was trialled with people from 4 years upwards, and is suitable for an age range from 4 years old through to adult. There are six levels to choose from enabling each person to begin at their own level. Three different helpers are available to suit different tastes and ages.

Although there are 412 emotions, not all emotions are included at every level. In addition, when using the “child helper”, an automatic filter operates excluding words of an inappropriate nature. You can also impose your own filters using “Mind Reading Manager” - details of this are in the User Guide. Altogether over 1000 emotions are mentioned on the DVD (many as “similar emotions” in the definitions of the 412 core concepts).

In the Learning Center it is possible to build your own lessons, enabling you to concentrate on emotions you are interested in. Additionally there is a note-making facility where you can detail your triumphs and obstacles, or your own stories that illustrate the emotions studied. Finally there is a scrapbook. Here you can “paste in” images and voices from the DVD to form your own personalized collection.

It won't get boring because the quizzes are randomly generated within the confines of the level chosen, so it isn’t possible to learn the answers by heart. Because there are six levels and 412 emotions, there is plenty of room for progress. In addition, we have devised a set of collectible rewards including birds, butterflies, trains and musical instruments that provides an incentive to study emotions and to complete lessons successfully.

System Requirements and Installation Information

This is an incredibly extensive program, requiring a newer computer - it requires a DVD-ROM drive or 2.5 gigabytes available on your hard drive to run it directly on your computer. 

If you are intending to install Mind Reading on one computer, a Single-user License is all you need. If you plan on installing Mind Reading on more than one computer, up to 10 computers are covered in the Multi-user License. For 11-20 you would be required to purchase 2 Multi-user Licenses, etc. Note that Mind Reading is not intended for use over a network – you need to do a full install on each machine.

Two formats are available - 1 single DVD-ROM or a 4 computer CD-ROM set. . Your choice depends on the machine you have. To use the DVD-ROM you need a DVD-ROM drive on your computer.  If you do not have a DVD-ROM drive, you can purchase the CD-ROM set. This consists of 4 CDs that have to be installed onto the hard drive.

Mind Reading is available for both Windows and Apple Macintosh (OS 9
and OS X) computers.

In order to install and run Mind Reading you should have a computer with the following:


DVD-ROM drive to play from optical disk (300 MB free space needed on hard drive)


CD-ROM* drive to install from optical disk (2.5 GB free space needed on hard drive)


Minimum Pentium 2 running Windows 98 or later with 32 MB RAM or Apple Power Mac running OS 9.2 or later with 16 MB available RAM for application. Pentium 3 or faster recommended.


Minimum screen resolution 800 x 600, with 16-bit color display.


Sound card and speakers required.

* If you have a CD-ROM drive you will not be able to run Mind Reading directly from the CD-ROM, but will have to install the entire application onto your hard disk, requiring at least 2.5GB of free disk space.