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  Neuropsychology of Autism

526 pages
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This comprehensive volume, just published in May 2011, draws together what is currently known about the neuropsychology of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) from leaders in the field. It introduces the basics of clinical presentation, genetics, neurochemistry, and neuroanatomy in ASD, as well as a review of neuropsychological theories. The book then presents detailed and up-to-date reviews of key neuropsychological functions, including language, memory, attention, social cognition, and sensory and motor functions. The final section of the book presents leading and novel theories about the full syndrome, and concludes with a summary of advances in the field and a blueprint for the next stage of research.  This is a great way for you to come up to date in the latest frontiers of autism research for much less than the cost of attending an autism conference.

Here is the table of contents: