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  Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism: A Manual for Parents and Professionals

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This book provides the nucleus of a do-it-yourself Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) program that parents and professionals can use to immediately start implementing an effective intervention program.

It includes an invaluable section complete with checklists to evaluate your child's currently level of abilities, followed by an extensive list of exercises that you can carry out to help your child move ahead in targeted areas.

A growing body of research shows ABA is amongst the most effective therapies for young children with autism and pervasive developmental disorders. Children can derive significant, lasting, and sometimes dramatic benefits from ABA intervention when it is implemented before the age of 6 and optimally before the age of 2.

The authors include parents whose children have been the beneficiaries of this approach to autism treatment, as well as many noted researchers and experienced clinicians.

The manual gives the reader concrete information on how to assess your child’s skills, needs, and then progress objectively and systematically; teaching your child a wide variety of important skills. These skills range from basics such as listening and looking, to complex language and social skills.

This book literally saved my son's life - we actually read and started using this book months before we began an ABA therapy with a trained therapist, when my son was 3 1/2 years old. We used and referred to this book every day for two years.

It also provides a survey of many other therapeutic options that are available for autism - although I don't completely agree with the author's assessment of other therapies, and do not believe that ABA and other therapies are mutually exclusive, it's useful to know what your options are before investing large amounts of time, energy and money in any autism treatment. Large paperback format, 400 pages.