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  Vitamin C Liquid - Corn Free

1 teaspoon dose, 48 dosages per bottle.
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Vitamin C: Liquid Vitamin C Supplement

We are pleased to introduce and exclusively offer corn-free Vitamin C in an tasty, highly absorbable liquid form. Our Liquid Corn-Free Vitamin C is derived from the tropical root vegetable, cassava (also referred to as manioc or tapioca) provided in a patented palm oil glycerine base that renders it 4 to 5 times more absorbable than if taken in a standard pill or even effervescent form. This absorbability makes our 250 mg dose is approximately the equivalent in strength of 1000 mg of other forms of Vitamin C. Our Liquid Corn-Free Vitamin C can be taken straight or mixed into water or cool or room temperature drinks such as water or orange juice.

99.9 % of Vitamin C used commercially in supplements in the U.S. is derived from corn. There are several problems with this:

  • The majority of our corn is genetically engineered corn (Bacillus thuringiensis or Bt Corn) which has a pesticide engineered into every molecule.
  • Corn always has some level of aflatoxin, the same fungal toxin found in peanuts, which can negate much of Vitamin C's benefits.
  • The molecular rotation of our cassava Vitamin C is to the right, while the molecular rotation of corn-derived vitamin C bends half to the right and half to the left. The left bending Corn vitamin C molecule looks like natural Vitamin C but doesn't function like it, rendering half of corn Vitamin C ineffective.
  • The corn form of Vitamin C may not be well tolerated by individuals with food sensitivities and allergies

Anecdotally, alternative doctors specializing in the treatment of cancer with high doses of Vitamin C orally or in IV drips, indicate that BT corn form of Vitamin V is ineffective in treatment against cancer, that only the tapioca or beet forms of Vitamin C provide therapeutic benefit.

There is much research about the benefits of Vitamin C and its anti-oxidant properties and abilities to boost the immune system. Uses may include:

  • immune system support during cold and flu season - it makes a convenient replacement for a Vitamin C fizzy packet or a Vitamin C shooter.
  • with combination our liposomal glutathione to increase effectiveness of gluathione
  • in chelation/detoxification protocols

Suggested Use

1 teaspoon daily, taken straight or mixed into cool or room temperature liquids, or as directed by a health professional.

Supplement Facts

Vitamin C - 250 Mg (416%) daily recommend value

Other Ingredients:

Kosher Certified Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water